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  • Mike Weiss (played by Chris Evans)

    Mike Weiss

    Mike Weiss

    Mike Weiss was a extremely gifted, but troubled individual. As you can see below he did a lot in a short time. What was even more amazing is that he did this working only a couple of hours a day. His intellect was incredible. He was great fun to be with. Every day practicing law with him was exciting.

    MICHAEL D . WEISS, 32, of Houston, passed away Saturday, October. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in Houston, where he attended Bellaire High School. While at Bellaire High School, Michael captained the debate team and was a national merit scholarship semi-finalist. He graduated from the University of Texas, with highest honors and special honors in philosophy. During his undergraduate years, he studied philosophy for two years at Harvard University. He graduated from the University of Texas Law School in 1993, with honors, where he was an editor of the Texas Law Review. After law school, Michael clerked for Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. After being associated with two law firms after his federal clerkship, Mike, together with his partners, formed Weiss & Danziger. At his firm, Michael represented several clients in political causes including Bruce Hotze and Councilman Rob Todd, as well as a number of clients in commercial and employment law cases. Most recently, Michael co-chaired two successful whistle-blower cases. Michael also taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Law School and South Texas College of Law. Michael was a Senior Fellow of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Distinguished Fellow of the Texas Justice Foundation, and a member of the Houston City Club. Michael is survived by his father, Leon (wife, Ellie Wolf), his brother, Dan (wife Michelle), and his mother, Marilou Rippner (husband, Mel Casdes). Funeral services will take place in Cleveland, Ohio. A memorial service will be held in Houston at the Federal Court House, 5th Circuit Court, 11th Floor, 515 Rusk Street, on Thursday, October 7th at 5:30 p.m. Michael will be sorely missed by his friends and family.

    To really get a real sense of who Mike Weiss see what people said about him at his Memorial Service.

    Other Mysterious GPO Deaths

    While not part of the movie, subsequent to the civil case settling a criminal investigation was commenced by the US Attorneys' Dallas office against the GPO's. However, the investigation stalled when just weeks apart from each other the two US attorneys investigating the case died under mysterious circumstance. Shannon K. Ross was 44 years old, was not sick and died suddenly with cause of death being meningomyeloradiculitis. Thelma Quince Colber was 55 years and found face down in the pool. Three other assistant US attorneys working on the case were fired or forced to resign.

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