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  • Follow Up Info & Contacts

    For accidental needle sticks in the US / Issues facing US nurses

    American Nursing Association: President Karen Daley, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN leads the nation's largest nursing organization representing the interests of the nation's 3.1 million registered nurses. After contracting AIDS and Hepatitis C as a result of an accidental needle stick injury, President Daley became a vocal, nationally recognized advocate for legislation mandating the use of safer needle devices in health care practice settings, President Daley has traveled throughout the world raising awareness among nurses, legislators, and health care administrators on the importance of needlestick prevention. She was among those invited to the Oval Office to witness President Clinton sign the "Needlestick Safety Prevention Act" into law on November 6, 2000.

    ANA Communications Department, 301-628-5197

    Needle Reuse and AIDS in Africa / India

    Marc Koska from Safe Point Trust ( a global charity working to stop needle reuse through their Lifesaver Campaign and by doing so ensure that every person across the world has access to sterile and safe injections.

    The Safepoint Trust
    The Barn, Pippingford
    East Sussex TN22 3HW U.K.
    T: +44 (0)1825 713722
    [email protected]

    How GPOs use the Medicare Antikickback provision to prevent new medical devices come to market.

    Medical Device Manufacturers Association
    202 354-7171

    Legal information on the case that was the basis of the movie / antitrust law / unfair competition.

    Paul Danziger
    Danziger & Dellano, LLP
    713 222-9998 / 713 962 3002
    [email protected]

    Mark Lanier
    Lanier Law Firm
    713 659-5200

    General background information on Mike Weiss, Paul Danziger, Darryl King and others in the movie.

    Paul Danziger
    Danziger & Dellano, LLP
    888-367-5299 / 713-222-9998
    [email protected]

    Laura Khaledi [email protected]
    Amanda J. Feuerman [email protected]

    Important Links – information, articles and sources on accidental needle sticks in the US, needle reuse in third world countries. Includes studies and supporting documentation.