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    "Puncture tells a suspenseful story responsibly, creating food for thought and leaving the audience both enlightened and entertained."
    - Rex Reed

    "Evan's is electrifying in the role… riveting onscreen"
    - Roger Ebert

    "A legal thriller will stick with viewers"
    - Chicago Tribune

    "Evan's is an electrifying presence"
    - NY Daily News

    "Puncture presents a compelling story"
    - NY Post

    "A riveting cinematic creation"
    - Houston Chronicle

    "chock a block with extraordinary performances"
    - Hollywood reporter

    "Piercing look at a flawed hero… a solid, assured feature debut."
    - San Francisco Chronicle

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    If you'd like to help us end the corruption and kickbacks depicted in PUNCTURE, Contact Congress NOW. Tell them to stop the group purchasing kickbacks. Find Your Senators

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